Tammi Blake

Being of service to my clients is the core of my practice. It is important to me that my clients are informed and empowered to make the best choices for themselves and I advocate for them based on these choices.

  Entering my twentieth year in real estate, I am gratefully reflecting on everything I love about this business and the role I am honored to play in in my client’s and business partner’s lives. It is such a thrill each time I successfully negotiate a purchase for both new and seasoned home buyers, knowing that my advocacy and guidance is a crucial part of making their dreams come true. Marketing and selling properties for my clients is such an exciting facet of my business and I love seeing sellers get great results and moving forward with the next chapter in their lives.

Living in Felton, I love serving the mountain community between my hometown of Los Gatos and Santa Cruz and have deep knowledge of the delights and also the challenges that can come with rural property. My intimate knowledge of the Santa Cruz, Scotts Valley and Santa Cruz mountain markets is an asset to my clients. It’s such fun to invite my new mountain clients to explore this beautiful area by hiking with me and my dog, Glenda, in my favorite state parks!    
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