Angelica Vassilieva

Angelica Vassilieva is a multitalented Real Estate agent for Lighthouse Realty and Property Management, currently based out of Santa Cruz, California. For the past two decades Angelica has called the majestic cliffs and breathtaking beaches overlooking Monterey Bay home. But the path which led her to California has been paved with adventure and danger; the beauty of art and the horror of war.

Angelica’s story began in Moscow, Russia. After earning her MA Cum Laude in International Journalism, she found work as a journalist with a number of foreign agencies in Moscow. She traveled to conflict zones such as Chechnya, Georgia, Ukraine, and others and arranged to interview from presidents to people as they deemed instrumental in the particular situation she found herself in. She joined a team as a television producer at Nikita Mikhalkov’s studio in Moscow.

After moving to Silicon Valley, Angelica studied Business Communication in Palo Alto and Film and Arts at UC Berkeley. To offset the horror and strife she witnessed in Russia, Angelica channeled her talents into the arts. She is an accomplished piano teacher and her passion and intrapersonal skills enabled her to build an impressive client base. Her business was always referral based and found her teaching to loyal clients many of whom became lifelong friends.

While in Santa Cruz Angelica began exploring an amazing field that moved her - Real Estate. Under the tutelage of her mentor Diana Magor, a realtor with more than 30 years experience, Angelica became a knowledgeable realtor herself and feels that her past has perfectly prepared her to be an outstanding agent. After getting an invaluable experience while working at Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage, Angelica joined Lighthouse Realty and teamed up with her broker Peter Cook and her mentor Diana Magor.

She is personable, and understands what her clients need, and a proactive advocate for her customers. She is not afraid to speak her mind and negotiate for her clients. After having lived in the area for almost 25 years and putting her daughter through the local school system Angelica knows the community, neighborhoods, and due to her thriving piano instruction business, the people.

Having lived in various parts of the world, Angelica understands that there are countless things that go into finding the perfect house. But more so than that, she understands that there are the intangible things that make a house, feel like home. That is what Angelica strives to find for her clients, a perfect home.

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